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Snap-on OXRM703 Ratcheting Wrenches | Snap-on Tools

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The Snap-on Combination Ratcheting Wrench Sets, Nos. OXR704 and OXRM703, have a patented, ratcheting, gear-design that delivers up to 40 percent more torque and 95 percent greater cycle life over competitive wrenches. 

Snap-on One-Handed Multi-Tool SMT97R | Snap-on Tools

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Marine Corps Special Operations veteran Nick Koumalatsos carried the multi-tool for twelve years onto the battlefield. The Snap-on one-handed opening multi-tool has now been upgraded for customers with better grip, more tools and the signature one-hand opening feature. 

Snap-on BJP1-29A Ball Joint Adaptor for Honda and Acura | Snap-on Tools

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With more and more Honda and Acura vehicles on the road these days, service technicians will have ample opportunity to service these models in the next several years. To help its customers improve their share of the Honda and Acura repair market, Snap-on has developed a Ball Joint Press Honda Adapter Set (BJP1HONDA) to use with Snap-on’s Ball Joint Press Master Set (BJP1). 

Snap-on BJP1 Ball Joint Press Master Kit | Snap-on Tools

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With the Snap-on BJP1 ball joint press master kit, you'll cover more applications with fewer adapters than any other set. When it comes to replacing ball joints, you would need an entire tool box to do what this one tool can do. 

Snap-on 3/8″ Drive Steering Rack Socket for Toyota® and Lexus® vehicles - S6229

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Designed to increase technician productivity on intricate steering rack o-ring repairs

Service technicians can save up to an hour by using the Snap-on® S6229 3/8-inch Drive Steering Rack Socket to assist in the removal and installation of the steering rack o-ring. This durable hand tool increases productivity, allowing technicians to reach the seal without having to remove the entire steering rack in specific Lexus® and Toyota® models. Prior to the S6229, the prescribed method was to remove the steering rack from the vehicle using a hammer and screwdriver. The S6229 can be used on Lexus® RX330® and RX350® (model years 2004-2009) and Toyota® Highlander® (model years 2004-2007).

Snap-on Stud Remover & Installer Kits (MSK10 and MSKM10)

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Our Tools Handle Studs! See our new tools that now easily remove and install problem studs with no thread damage. The unique and exclusive removal tools (patent pending) have a split tapered collet that provides a maximum locking grip. The install tools incorporate a ball bearing design that tightens and torques with no thread damage

Snap-on Tools Master Ball Joint Press Set

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The Snap-on BJP1 is a master ball joint press set with coverage for 95 percent of current domestic SUVs, light trucks and passenger cars equipped with pressed-in ball joints. The 22-piece set's installation and removal ram and receiver adapters cover 53 General Motors applications; 54 Dodge/DaimlerChrysler applications; 43 Ford applications; and 16 for Jeep.

Snap-on Ball Joint Adaptor

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Easy to use design makes quick work of ball joint repairs, improving technician efficiency

Featuring fewer parts than competitive units, the Snap-on® BJP1-28A Ball Joint Adaptor is uniquely designed to enable greater technician productivity. The frame-straddling cutout allows increased work room during the removal and installation of lower and upper ball joints on Dodge® 4x4 Ram® 2500® and 4x4 Ram® 3500® (model years 2003 and up) and Ram® 1500® Mega Cab® (model years 2004-2010). Featuring a flip design that uses both sides of the adaptor, the BJP1-28A is easy to install. Used in conjunction with the Snap-on® BJP1 Ball Joint Press, the combination ensures adaptors are held in place for a secure fit.

Snap-on ATECH3FR250B TechAngle Torque Wrench

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Today's vehicles require pinpoint precision pretty much everywhere - and those high standards keep getting more and more exacting throughout the auto industry. The advanced technology and intuitive design of the new TechAngle® Torque Wrench from Snap-on® makes it possible to tighten fasteners to exacting standards under even the most demanding conditions, faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

Snap-on 7″ Diagonal Cutter - 87ACF

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VectorEdge technology provides best-in-class cutting performance

The value of a supreme diagonal cutter is immeasurable and the Snap-on® 87ACF 7-inch Diagonal Cutter fits the mold of near perfection. With tested, best-in-class cutting performance on both soft and hard materials, the 87ACF is engineered with VectorEdge technology to cut various material types, ranging from cable ties to copper wire to hardened music wire and spring steel. The cushioned plastisol handles offer easy grip and pronounced comfort for the hands of every hard-working user. Strong and reliable, the 87ACF is designed to withstand continuous cuts, making it a cutter above the rest.