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CTR714 ¼ Inch Cordless Ratchet | Snap-on Tools

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Introducing the Snap-on CTR714 ¼ Inch Cordless Ratchet – the smallest, fastest and lightest cordless ratchet you’ve ever used. The right-sized companion to the CTR761B, this tool is so effortless and easy to use in small, tight, previously-inaccessible spots, you'll wonder how you got along before.

Snap-on CTR761B 14.4v MicroLithium Cordless Ratchet | Snap-on Tools

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The Snap-on® 3/8-inch Drive 14.4v MicroLithium Cordless Ratchet (CTR761B) give service technicians the first cordless ratchets to match the performance of a pneumatic ratchet. With an industry-leading combination of strength and speed, these innovative ratchets are capable of breaking loose and running out fasteners at a high rate of speed.

Snap-on CTC123 3-Bay Battery Charger | Snap-on Tools

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Snap-on knows how much energy it takes for techs to get the job done. The new Snap-on CTC123 High-Current Charger is a one-charger solution for keeping spare batteries ready for use at a moment’s notice. 

Snap-on Paint-less Dent Removal System - CAG6850-901, CADP8850-1

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Paint-Less Dent Removal System
The blue CAG6850-901 glue and the white pull tabs CADP8850-1 in this kit are a system/combination and together they yield 20% more pull than the next strongest glue and tabs on the market.

Snap-on 14.4V MicroLithium Drill Driver

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CDR761 14.4V MicroLithium Drill Driver

Snap-on Cordless Temperature Gun - CTG761

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CTG761 Cordless Temperature Gun has the widest Temperature range, -50 - 1,800, while resting comfortably in your hand.

Snap-on MicroLithium Prep Tool and Polisher - CTPP761

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Cordless polisher and prep tool loaded with features.
• Lightweight and compact at just 1.8 lbs. with the MicroLithium 14.4V battery
• Two Speed Gear Box (3000/15000) RPM
• Variable Speed Trigger
• Built-in Fuel Gauge
• High Quality Motor Bearings
• 5/16-24" UNF Spindle Thread

Snap-on 14.4V MicroLithium Cordless Ratchets

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14.4V MicroLithium Cordless Ratchets, 1/4" and 3/8" Drive

Snap-on 14.4V MicroLithium Cordless Reciprocating Saw - CTRS761

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Introducing the most uncompromising reciprocating saw (CTRS761) on the market today. Pound for pound it’s the toughest recip in the industry. At 3,100 strokes per minute, it’s got uncompromising speed and enough torque to cut through almost any job.  

Snap-on MicroLithium Family

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The unquestionable convenience of interchangeable batteries is just one advantage of our MicroLithium family of tools. Each provides longer run times than the competition, quick 30-minute re-charges and more power and speed than ever before. And thanks to their compact, lightweight cordless designs, they allow you to reach places no other tools can.

To find out more about the MicroLithium Family, talk to your Snap-on Representative today!

The 14.4v MicroLithium Cordless family continues to grow, and now includes:

CT761 3/8" Drive Impact Wrench
CTS761 1/4" Hex Drive Screwdriver
CDR761A 3/8" Hex Drive Drill
CTG761 Temp Gun
CT725 1/4" Drive Impact Wrench
CTS725A & CTR761A Ratchets
CTL761 Flashlight