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Snap-on MicroLithium Family

January 13, 2016
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The unquestionable convenience of interchangeable batteries is just one advantage of our MicroLithium family of tools. Each provides longer run times than the competition, quick 30-minute re-charges and more power and speed than ever before. And thanks to their compact, lightweight cordless designs, they allow you to reach places no other tools can.

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The 14.4v MicroLithium Cordless family continues to grow, and now includes:

CT761 3/8" Drive Impact Wrench
CTS761 1/4" Hex Drive Screwdriver
CDR761A 3/8" Hex Drive Drill
CTG761 Temp Gun
CT725 1/4" Drive Impact Wrench
CTS725A & CTR761A Ratchets
CTL761 Flashlight